About Roger Decker

Hi, my name is Roger Decker. I live in a small town in Oklahoma. Most people don't even know where it's located on the map. But it's a pretty descent place to live. I'm a single man of 45. I don't have much, but what I do have is all mine. I've worked hard all my life to have a descent home. For over 20 years I was a truck driver. I've seen many different things and done many different things because of being one. I don't have a regret in the world when it comes to my choice of professions in life. I have two brothers and a sister. Myself being the youngest. I have two friends that I have known for most of my life who have stuck with me through the rough times as well as the good. I wouldn't know what to do without them.
Roger Decker

This is me.

This is me. As you can see, I'm not above making fun of myself. One of my best friends took that photo while we were having a good time out on the lake. we laughed a lot that day. The caption for this is: Big! Ain't it? Like I said, that was a good day. I love fishing and going different places with the people I care about and of course my family. I'm not too adventurous; I wouldn't jump out of a perfectly good airplane, for example; But i do like to experience new things, and meet interesting people. I used to be a truck driver, and I've seen every state in the continental states. I was able to do many things while driving, that a lot of people wouldn't normally get to do in their life times. So I consider myself both fortunate, and blessed. I remember when I called home from Mickey Mouse Lane in Disney World.(Florida) I got a few trinkets and of course had a meal there. And, most importantly, I had a wonderful time. I didn't get to stay very long, only 5 or 6 hours, but I got to go. That was the important thing. I know a lot of folks over the years have visited the park, but I personally don't know very many. That's the kind of thing someone in my position doesn't get to do very often. I don't regret a minute of my time or effort driving. I loved to do it. And of course that's not the only place I got to visit because of driving, but you get the idea. I'm a simple person just trying to make a living like the rest of the world. 
You can also see my site. It tells more about how I came to live where I am today, and it also gives you an opportunity to comment on what being said, and maybe make a little money on the side. Thanks for stopping by. http://rogersnewtsnews.blogspot.com